"Nostalgic Journey" CD review in the German on-line music magazine "Rock Times".

Polish-Jazz Blogspot Review of "Night in Calisia"

"This album is highly recommended to listeners, who love the proximity of Jazz and contemporary Classical music, and who will find this work delicious at all times"

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CD discoveries of the week
(Wall Street Journal)

" Randy Brecker's Nostalgic Journey: Tykocin Jazz Suite, is something of a Euro trip for the trumpeter. Randy was one of the founding members of 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' and co-founder with his late brother Michael of 'Dreams' and 'The Brecker Brothers'. He has recorded on 640 known jazz dates, won five Grammys and appeared on dozens of pop, rock and commercial sessions.On this new album, Randy plays a suite by Wlodek Pawlik, the contemporary Polish jazz and classical pianist, composer and orchestrator. This orchestral album is a jazz-classical work of the highest order and was written by Pawlik specifically to showcase Randy's solo trumpet. Think Thad Jones-Mel Lewis meets Stravinsky. Randy's playing here is flawless and packs enormous energy and verve, soaring and swooping over the swelling score, eagle-like. Sample Let's All Go to Heaven for a taste of what makes Randy special."

Marc Myers Jazz Wax  (Wall Street Journal)

The music of the moment - Grand Piano

""The great come-back of the pianist and composer Włodek Pawlik. His newest record is a masterpiece of total improvisation suspended between jazz and contemporary classical music. The 2 CD album is a result of a double night-session approached without any preparations, any sheet of music, scores or sketches outlined on scrap of paper. One-on-one with the piano. The total improvisation.(..)..For Pawlik it's no problem to conjure 25 pieces of music on the spot. However, the ones created are by no means light or trivial.(..)..His music enraptures with its complexity, richness of colors and moods. In Pawlik's improvisations one can sense the traces of Bach, Chopin , Debussy and Ravel. It's equally pointless to make references to the classic of the genre, like Keith Jarrett's solo recordings from La Scala, Cologne or Paris. Because Pawlik is worlds apart. He has his own, original style. He translates his private thoughts, emotions and experiences into the musical language. Result ? An inspired  and unparalleled symphony of sounds."


Tomasz Hanzlik - Gazeta Wyborcza (review of the "Grand Piano" album)