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Włodek Pawlik Trio has been Włodek Pawlik's most prominent ensemble for many years. Testing ground for unhindered improvisations and leader's musical experiments. The group has recorded 3 albums to date: "Standards Live", "Live in Kyiv" and "Anhelli".  After the release of "Standards Live" the trio received an invitation to perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Hague in 1998 and gave an enthusiastically acclaimed performance at one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world.

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Contemporary music

This area of Włodek Pawlik's activity encompasses a number of compositions of an experimental character, including vocal works combining tradition with modernity and mysteries of a religious character. Most of the works, free in form, fall outside any classification of genre, for example, Misterium Stabat Mater for improvising piano and Gregorian choir. Many of the compositions have already been recorded and released on CDs; others will certainly complement the discography in the near future.

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Włodek Pawlik's jazz discography comprises 17 albums, including 5 solo records, from the LP debut album 'Quasi Total' up to 'Nostalgic Journey - Tykocin Jazz Suite' released by Summit Records in 2009. Several records have been re-edited, including the 'Down Beat'-noted 'Turtles' from 1995 that came out in a special collector's edition in 2008.

From Marcin Trzęsiok's commentary to one of the albums: "It is impossible to define the pianist's style explicitly.(...) he refrains from closing his music in one aesthetic chapter.  (...) He belongs to a generation of musicians who take the history of jazz not as a path of an imperative progress but who see it as a linear and consistent development of a musical thought that can't be cut off its roots."

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Theatrical music

Włodek Pawlik's theatrical output is a result of a collaboration with the Polish Television Theater. It comprises a substantial number of original scores composed  for Polish and international authors, such as Olga Tokarczuk or Martin Crimp. The spectacles have been broadcasted by the Polish Television and some of them are available on DVDs.

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Film music

The film output consist of more than a dozen of soundtracks of diverse stylistics, ranging from documentaries, through feature-lenght films up to big international productions - from sparing chamber settings up to the full richness of symphonic sound. The author has been involved also as a pianist in most of the recordings of his scores.

One of the first soundtracks that proved to be a milestone for the future was the feature film 'Wrony' (Crows) from 1993. The soundtrack of the widely-celebrated 'Rewers' has received the most prestigious awards of the Polish film idnustry and, according to the prevailing enthusiastic opinions, associates with the best jazz-inflected scores of the Polish film from the 50ties and 60ties.

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Teaching work

Włodek Pawlik is currently a faculty member at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He conducts lectures about the musical improvisation. Aside from his academic work he takes part in various educational undertakings, including workshops for musicians. He has also been a jury member of many jazz competitions.

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