Concert at the Kielce Cultural Centre

2011-06-11 20:00:00 (comments: 9)

We invite to the Kielce Cultural Centre to the concert titled "Strings in the Earth - Iwaszkiewicz by Pawlik". The event starts at 8:00 PM on June 11th 2011, with personal appearance of Lora Szafran and Marek Bałata on vocals, supported by the Włodek Pawlik Trio.

Information and booking:
Kieleckie Centrum Kultury (Kielce Cultural Centre)
Plac Moniuszki 2b, 25-334 Kielce
tel: 41 343 81 42, 344 90 54

Ticket price: 20 PLN

> Read info on the KCK website

Plakat koncertu w KCK

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